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Life of Christ Lesson 1: A Life Worth Studying

March 14, 2020 @ 10:29 pm

This first lesson of an 8-volumed, harmonized (chronological) study of Christ through all 4 gospels explains WHY His life is well worth studying!  In short, He is Who He claimed to be, the Creator and Redeemer of man!  Included in this lesson: Jewish, Roman, and Christian documentation that proves the historicity of the God-man.  There is no other chronological study of all 4 gospel accounts as in-depth as this one!  


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Life of Christ Lesson 2a: A Life Worth Knowing - Part I

March 14, 2020 @ 10:30 pm

Luke's gospel begins with the Greek physician and meticulous historian giving Theophilus (and all "lovers of God") the eye-witness sources he used for his God-inspired account of Christ's life.  Luke traveled extensively with Paul and Silas; he spent time with Mark, who was very close to Peter.  He associated with Barnabas, Philip the evangelist, Agabus the prophet, Mnason the disciple, and he likely received his famous birth account (chapter 2) directly from the Lord's mother, Mary!  You can be confident that Luke did his research in preparing his account of Christ's life.  You can also be confident that it is accurate because the Holy Spirit guided Luke's every word.

If there is one Person Who has ever lived Whose life is well worth knowing - intellectually AND internally (mind and heart), it is the pre-life (Eternity Past), the earthly life (Incarnation), and the post-life (Resurrection/Ascension/Eternal Reign) of the Lord Jesus.

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Life of Christ Lesson 2b: A Life Worth Knowing - Part II

March 14, 2020 @ 10:31 pm

John's gospel prologue (1:1-5) aimed at refuting gnosticisim (the denial of Christ's deity).  These first five verses are a literary gem and the best capsule statement of Christ's eternal Deity found anywhere.  Misunderstanding the doctrinal truths of these verses results in a flawed, deficient understanding of Who Jesus is, which affects one's eternal destiny.  Serious! 

Christ's life is more worth knowing than your own!   


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Life of Christ Lesson 3: A Long Silence Broken

March 14, 2020 @ 10:32 pm

Among other fascinating truths, find why the two genealogical records of Christ (Matthew and Luke) demonstrate He is the only Messianic Candidate Who circumvented the Jeconian Curse of Jeremiah 22:30.  Learn of the five women in His ancestral lineage, as well as the God-given announcement that broke a 400-year silence from Heaven! 


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Life of Christ Lesson 4: Incarnation Announcements

March 14, 2020 @ 10:33 pm

Mankind has aways desired to have a "god" who is both visible and tangible, which is why idolatry has been expressed by men of all cultures throughout history.  Even devout Job expressed a desire to see the One he worshipped (Job 23:8, 9).  The Divine answer to this universal longing is the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Godhead, Christ Jesus.

In this lesson, we look at the the divine announcements regarding the marvelous event of the great Creator entering the very world He created to dwell among us as a Man!  The first two divine announcements were made to a Jewish priest named Zacharias (see Lesson 3) and a virgin Jewish girl named Mary (in the direct bloodline of King David).  The mysterious "Seed" of Genesis 3:15 was finally to be understood, as were Isaiah 7:14 ("a virgin shall conceive") and Jeremiah 31:22 ("a woman shall compass a Man")!

The third announcement was to Joseph (in the direct royal-line of David), betrothed to Mary.  Learn about this wonderful man God chose to be the human step-father of His Eternal Son (talk about a privilege and heavy-duty responsibility)! 

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Life of Christ Lesson 5: The Lamb is Born!

March 14, 2020 @ 10:34 pm

This lesson is about the births of two of the greatest men ever born: John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.  Of course, the first man rightly understood he was not worthy to loosen the shoe latches of the Second.  Nonetheless, John was an extraordinary man; the bold forerunner to the long-awaited Messiah; the voice crying in the wilderness to introduce Israel to the Lamb of God Who came to take away the sins of the world.  Learn the details about John's birth and of his priestly father's inspired praises and prophecies (once he was "unmuted"). 

In this important lesson, we also discuss the birth of "the Lamb of God"!  Perhaps you think there is not much new you could hear about "the Christmas Story," but have you ever considered how divinely orchestrated all the various circumstances had to be for Christ's birth to be in Bethlehem (not Nazareth)?  To bring about just that one fulfillment, God set "the whole world" in motion!  For one thing, He "inspired" Herod the Great to choose the Roman method of taxation rather than the Jewish method.  That one decision, if different, would have disqualified to be the True Messiah! 




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Life of Christ Lesson 6a: Three Infanthood Events

March 14, 2020 @ 10:37 pm

In this lesson, we discuss three events in the life of the Lord that took place shortly after His birth: 1.  His circumcision at 8 days of age, 2. His presentation in the Temple at 40 days of age (His first visit there) for the ritual of cleansing Mary and redeeming Him, her firstborn son, from priestly service (although the Bible never says Mary and Joseph paid the five shekels to redeem Baby Jesus from the priesthood - fascinating!).  3.  The third event of Jesus' Infanthood discussed in this lesson is the public recognition He was given by the lips of two extremely godly and very elderly servants of God - one a man (Simeon),the other a woman (Anna).  This lesson is worth listening to just to learn about these two amazing people who were part of the small, but faithful remnant of true Israel.  Out of the mouths of two witnesses, the young Jesus was proclaimed in the Temple to be "the Lord's Christ," "the Consolation of Israel," and the long awaited Messiah!  


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Life of Christ Lesson 6b: Three Responses to Jesus

March 14, 2020 @ 10:38 pm

This second half of Lesson 6 is on "Three Responses to Jesus" at the time He was about 2 years of age.  Those responses were from the Wise Men, Herod the Great, and Israel's chief priests.  The Wise Men, who were not even Jewish, traveled a very long distance (likely from the area of ancient Southern Babylonia), carrying gifts fit for a King in order to adore the young Christ Child.  Herod, the wicked, murderous, usurper Idumean "king" of Israel, was heavily agitated when he heard the news of the Christ's arrival.  Israel's chief priests, who should have been very excited to learn about the star out of Jacob that led the elite Gentile Magi to seek out the Christ, were so utterly apathetic they didn't even travel a few miles to Bethlehem to check it out!

Did you know that 700 years before the birth of Christ, Isaiah (60:3, 6, 9) predicted the arrival of Gentiles on camels coming to the light of the Lord, bearing gifts of gold and frankincense?  Learn in this study why there is no mention of myrrh in that prophecy!  Find out how Balaam, the "prophet for profit," is part of the narrative regarding the Wise Men.  Find out how the extraordinary Daniel was also involved in the story of the Magi from the East!  

Listen to this message, and you will have much additional information to share with your family this Christmas about the early life of Christ (of course, you don't have to wait for Christmas, but you may have to rearrange your Nativity sets - the Wise Men weren't there at His birth).  

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Life of Christ Lesson 7: Prewritten Pathways

March 14, 2020 @ 10:39 pm

Find how some additional Old Testament prophecies came to light and came to fulfillment as the young Christ Child wa moved around by the divine hand of His heavenly Father.  In this lesson, "Prewritten Pathways," we discuss two journeys made by Joseph and Mary during the early childhood years of Jesus.  First, there was their journey from Bethlehem to Egypt (at the direction of a God through a messenger angel to escape the wrath of Herod), and then there was their journey (again at God's direction after the death of Herod) from Egypt to Nazareth.

Learn how these divinely orchestrated movements of Jesus fulfilled three Old Testament propecies: Hosea 11:1 (out of Egypt God would call His Son), Jeremiah 31:15 (Rachel would weep over a massacre of infants, which occurred with Herod's "Slaughter of the Innocents"), and Isaiah 11:1 (the coming Messiah would be called a Nazarene).  

It always perlexed the Old Testament scholars how one Messiah could fulfill all three Messianic prophecies concerning His "origin"!  How could He be born in Bethlehem Ephrata (Micah 5:2), be called by God "out of Egypt" (Hosea 11:1), and be called a Nazarene, meaning from Nazareth (Isaiah 11:1)?  Well, in Jesus Christ all three prophecies were fulfilled!  What other possible "would-be" Messianic candidate would ever be able to fulfill them?  Yet, the Jews still await a messiah other than Jesus.  

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Life of Christ Lesson 8: The Silent Years

March 14, 2020 @ 10:40 pm

When we consider how little is found in the Bible about the childhood and the pre-ministerial life of the Lord Jesus, we discover how true is the statement that God did not write Scripture to satisfy man's curiosity; He wrote it to sancify his conduct!  Though there is a lot of speculation (and a great deal of misinformation) about the years between Christ's infancy and the beginning of His public ministry "about thirty years of age" (Luke 3:23), the Bible is almost completely silent.  

In this lesson, we will discuss - from the few verses of God' Word about each stage of Christ's early life (1) Jesus the Child, (2) Jesus the Adolescent, (3) Jesus the Young Man, and (4) Jesus the Carpenter.

Although Jesus was God and could have easily by-passed all normal growth processes, He willingly subjected Himself to live in a human body so as to empathize with the whole human experience.  He did not simply appear in the world as an infant with an adult mind.  He did not come physically as a grown man  He was the very Word of God, but He had to learn to speak like we all do.  His wisdom and knowledge came to Him by degrees (though greatly accelerated because of His sinless nature).  

Who were Jesus' brothers?  Did He have sisters?  How does the fact that He had half-siblings disprove the perpetual virginity theory about Mary?  When do we first know that Jesus knew His mission?  What kind of father was Joseph and when did he disappear from the scene?  How appropriate is it that the Creator-Carpenter of the Universe chose to be a Carpenter is His pre-ministerial life?  

We note that Jesus did not fall victim to fleshly impatience by striving to obtain honor and glory on His own or for His own glory.  He waited on His heavenly Father's timing as He spent 30 preperation years laboring diligently at His trade (building things) and in the Word (of which He is both Author and Finisher)!  Great, very informative lesson about a lot of things Christians don't normally think about with regard to our Saviour.


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Life of Christ Lesson 9: A Desert Voice

March 14, 2020 @ 10:43 pm

In ancient times, it was common for a herald to precede the arrival of a reigning king.  Along with a contingent of royal servants, the herald would make sure the roadways were smooth and as straight as possible, that obstacles were removed, and roads were safe from highway robbers and wild animals.  As the herald inspected the roads, he was also busy proclaiming to the people of the land that king was soon coming, and all the preparations should be made ready for him.  Thus, the royal herald's duty was twofold: (1) to proclaim the coming king, and (2) to prepare his way.  This was the twofold duty of John the Baptist, who "paved the way" spiritually for the King of kings, Jesus Christ, by attempting to remove obstructions of sin in the peoples' hearts.

Why was the Baptist the greatest Old Testament person born of a woman (eliminates Adam) to ever live, according the Christ?  What was about him that earned that accolade?

In this lesson, we learn about Biblical repentence; we learn about the difference between a baptism of righeousness and a baptism of repentance; we learn about the personality and humility of John, his clothing, his diet, his dedication to his commission, and his Nazarite vow - much to learn about the voice crying in the desert to prepare the way for the Sovereign Saviour. 

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Life of Christ Lesson 10a: The Generation of Vipers

March 14, 2020 @ 10:45 pm

Before getting into a discussion of the bold Baptist, we discuss the ones he confronted as being a bunch of "fruitless vipers".  We learn about the various religious and political sects of Israel at the time of Christ.  That may sound "boring" to some, but it is actually quite interesting, as well as needful to know because it helps us better understand their various interactions with Christ, with Rome, and with one another.  The two political sects were the Herodians and the Zealots (at least one of the Lord's Apostles was a former Zealot). 

We also discuss the three main religious sects: Sadducess, Pharisees, and Essenes.   This is not just about the past, for we have a world full of religious people just like them today!  A third collective group we look at in this study is the judicial "branch" of Jewish government (under Rome, of course), the powerful Sanhedrin Council

Just think of this fact:  if the Romans allowed the Sanhedrin to have jurisdiction over the death penalty, Jesus would not have been crucified.  He would have been stoned to death.  If that was the case, He would not have fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies and types about the manner of suffering and death the Messiah would face (being pierced; lifted up like the brazen serpent on the pole in the wilderness, etc.).  If Jesus did not fulfill even one Messianic prophecy dealing with His First Coming, He would have disqualified to be the Saviour of the world.  But, don't worry.  He fulfilled every one of them, literally - to the very jot and tittle.


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Life of Christ Lesson 10b: A Fearless Voice! {The Bold Baptist}

March 14, 2020 @ 10:47 pm

In this second part of a two-part study entitled, we look at a "sermon" given by the fearless, faithful, Spirit-filled John the Baptist in which he denounced the self-righteous, hypocritical religious rulers who came to the Jordan River to "check him out".  He immediately confronted them for the fake religionists they were, calling them a "generation of vipers"!  He did not pull any punches.  He did not fear powerful men; he feared all-powerful God!  He demanded their true repentance, which would be evidenced if they would actually produce some good "fruit," and he seriously cautioned them about their foolish reliance on salvation simply because they were descendents of Abraham.

Thousands of people (like those First Century religious rulers) have lived and died under similar, blind delusion, thinking because they are connected with some particular religion, church denomination, nationality, or godly heritage they are guaranteed a place in Heaven.  This is why it absolutely critical for a person to understand that salvation is solely based on one's personal (individual) relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ - and not to anything or anyone else.  "Ye must be born again" (John 3:3)!!

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Life of Christ Lesson 11: King’s Coronation for Service {Baptism}

March 14, 2020 @ 10:48 pm

This is the lesson in which we come to the event that launched the Lord's earthly ministry - His water baptism.  He was 30 years old.  He had supported His widowed mother as the son of His earthly, step-father until His brothers were able to assume responsibility and His sisters were likely married.  He was ready to fulfill His obligations to the whole world as the Son of His heavenly Father!  After thousands of years of anticipation, the Redeemer-King appeared before His faithful forerunner, John the Baptist, for His "coronation" or "commissioning" service.

Why did the Baptist protest baptising Jesus?  Why, in fact, did Jesus need to baptised at all?  Wasn't John's baptism a baptism of repentance and confession of sin?  Jesus was sinless!  Does this indicate a "consciousness of sin" on Jesus' part, as liberal theologians proclaim?

What are the various types of baptisms mentioned in Scripture?  You may be surpsied how many there are!  We discuss the one time in Scripture the Holy Spirit was represented as a dove, and what it signified.  We also discuss the first of three times in the New Testament God the Father spoke from Heaven His approval of His Beloved Son.  All three Members of the Trinity were involved in this important event!

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Life of Christ Lesson 12: King’s Confrontation with Satan {Temptation}

March 14, 2020 @ 10:49 pm

Whereas the baptism of Christ declared His royalty, the temptation of Christ demonstrated His royalty!  It was in a desolate and dangerous wilderness that Jesus first demonstrated His power over evil, for it was there He faced the full force of Satan's masterful deception and yet remained untainted from the battle!  By His victory over temptation (even in a weakened Human condition), He accredited Himself worthy to both redeem mankind as sinless Saviour and reign over the Kingdom His Father would give Him.  He also gave His followers (us) His example on how to be victorious over temptation!

We discuss an important distinction between the doctrine of peccability and the doctrine of impeccability in this lesson.  These doctrines address the question, "Could the Son of God be tempted as men are tempted and could He have sinned as men sin?  The doctrine of peccability declares He could have sinned, while the doctrine of impeccability says no, He could NOT have sinned.  Did you know a very extensive and heated controversy about this issue took place in Church history during the Middle Ages?  Yet, most people today have never heard of this debate, nor can they support which one of the two doctrines they believe!  LEARN about this issue and a lot more very rich information in this study!

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Life of Christ Lesson 13: King’s First Six {Disciples}

March 14, 2020 @ 10:50 pm

Having discussed how Heaven's dove fell (Christ's baptism-lesson 11) and how Hell's devil failed (Christ's temptation-lesson 12), we turn in this lesson to a look at how Earth's disciples followed!  After having seen to it that His Son was publicly identified to Israel, which John the Baptist did when he identified Christ as "the Lamb of God" (John 1:29), God began to see to it that His Son was privately identified as Lord to individual Israelites.  The Baptist had the special privilege of identifying Jesus (John 1:36) to the first two of the Twelve disciples (Peter and John).  They, in turn, brought two more men who became disciples (their respective brothers, Andrew and James), and two others (Philip and Nathanael) followed shortly after.

Not only do we have fun discussing each of these six men in this lesson, but we also lean a lot about how to witness of Christ to people using different methods, including how to witness to a skeptic!  We take an interesting look into how the Lord first testified to the reality of Old Testament prophetic types (pictures) of Himself as He declared to Nathanael that He is the fulfillment of Jacob's ladder!  He is the ONE WAY into Heaven!  He IS "The Ladder Lord" (see Genesis Lesson 14 on this podcast). 

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Life of Christ Lesson 14: King’s First Miracle {Water to Wine}

March 14, 2020 @ 10:51 pm

Anyone honestly investigating the matter of Christ's Deity needs to carefully examine both His words and His works.  His works (miracles) demonstrated His Deity in that they displayed His absolute authority over every realm of life: nature, Satan and the demons, sickness, disease, deformities, and death itself.  His miracles not only testified of His Person; they also confirmed the truth of His proclamations.

Not only was marriage the first institution created (designed) and ordained by God, but a marriage (in Cana of Galilee) was the first event God (Christ) sanctioned with His presence in His public ministry.  He also performed His first miracle to assure the success of that marriage.  Both of these truths tells us of the high position He places on the marriage relationship.

Learn why the Lord Jesus referred to His mother as "woman" in this account; not "mother".  Was He disrespectful?  What was the message He was conveying to her?  Was Jesus assisting the people at the wedding in becoming intoxicated by creating wine from water?  How does the first miracle of Jesus very interestingly compare and contrast to the first miracle of Moses, turning water to blood?  How do the two "first" miracles point to the difference in "Law" and "Grace"?  How does the Lord's miracle serve as a prophetic illustration of JOY coming on "the third day"?  What is the symbolic significance of the six clay waterpots which were filled to the brim?  How is the Gospel portrayed in this first CREATIVE miracle of turning water into wine?   AN EXTREMELY EYE-OPENING LESSON EVEN FOR THOSE WHO ARE VERY FAMILIAR WITH THIS STORY!

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Life of Christ Lesson 15: King Cleanses the Temple!

March 14, 2020 @ 10:52 pm

Did you know that a number of the early Church "fathers" considered the Lord's single-handed cleansing of the Temple as one of the greatest "miracles" of His entire public ministry?  Did you know that His zealous act fulfilled two specific Messianic Old Testament prophecies (Malachi 3:1-3; Psalm 69:9)?  Did you know that on the Lord's first visit to Jerusalem in His official earthly ministry He predicted the Jews would destroy Him, but He would rise from that destruction on the third day?  

Did you know the Christ's first cleansing of His Father's House (the Temple) occurred at the time of Passover (as did His second Temple cleansing, which took place on Passion Week Monday)?  The Jews meticulously swept their own homes clean of all leaven, but they allowed God's House to be full of all manner of evil corruption ("leaven of unrighteousness") in what was called "Annas' Bizarre".  Annas was Israel's very corrupt high priest!  A problem with our culture today, which was likewise the problem in Christ's day, is the lack of righteous outrage over evil.  The Lord Jesus possessed zealous righteous indignation against sin!  He harmed no one, but He got His point across loud and clear!  What a great example!

A jam-packed lesson full of goodies for those who love to learn!

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Life of Christ Lesson 16: A Night with Nicodemus

March 14, 2020 @ 10:53 pm

It was during a nighttime interview with a prestigious Pharisee of the Sanhedrin Council of Israel that the Son of God delivered the salvation message concerning the spiritual New Birth and how it works!

The words of Christ in John chapter 3 are the most important He spoke because they tell us how to enter the ultimate, supreme Kingdom of the spiritual and eternal - the Kingdom of God.

This lesson contains some of the finest, richest "gold" in all the great "gold mines" of God's Holy Word.  Besides the "must be born again" message, the Lord predicted His death by crucifixion and used the brazen serpent lifted up in the wilderness (back in the days of Moses) to do so.  Thus, we have proof that "The Good Serpent" (which saved ALL who looked upon it in faith from physical death) was a prophetic type of the Saviour of all who, in faith, look upon Him for eternal salvation (because He was lifted up to die in our place)!  See "Christ in Exodus" Lesson #   for a great study of "The Good Serpents" of Scripture!

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Life of Christ Lesson 17: Baptist’s Beloved Bridegroom

March 14, 2020 @ 10:54 pm

In this lesson, we consider John the Baptist's last testimony to Christ's Deity.  His ministry is completed after this final scene.  He decreased, while the Lord would keep increasing - just as the Old Covenant decreased (ended), while the New Covenant increased (Hebrews 8:13).  This study of John 3:22-36 serves as a "bridge" between the Baptist and Christ.  As the Baptist's ministry was to point Israel (and the world) to Jesus as the long-awaited Saviour, the entire purpose of the Old Testament and the sacrificial system of Judaism was to point to Christ and the Gospel message of the New Testament.

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Life of Christ Lesson 18a: The Woman at the Well

March 14, 2020 @ 10:55 pm

This is one of the most marvelous episodes in the record of Christ's ministry!  Oh, how it shows us His amazing ability to witness and draw people to Himself with His gentle manner, but His blunt exposure of one's sin.  He shows us that God truly is no respector of persons, for He completely disregarded the sex barrier, the social barrier, and the Samaritan barrier (all of which were sinful barriers created by people, not God) in order to overcome the sin barrier!  

See how our wonderful Lord was never self-centered.  Though He was (in His Humanity) weary, hungry, and thirsty, His primary concern was always to seek and to save a poor, sin-sick soul!

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Life of Christ Lesson 18b: Samaritan Sheep!

March 14, 2020 @ 10:56 pm

This is the continuation of our study of John chapter 4 and the Lord's fantastic conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well.  When she comes to realize Who Jesus is, she forgets her waterpot as she races back to her village of Sychar to tell her fellow citizens (even though they held her in great scorn) about the One she had just met; the One Who knew all about her; the One Who very well might be "the Christ" (John 4:29)!

As the Samaritans came out to the well, dressed in their long white robes, Jesus told His disciples to lift up their eyes and look on the fields, for they were white to harvest!  He saw the ready hearts of the coming people as a ripe "harvest" - and they were!  Many of those people believed on Him when they heard His Words!  In fact, they were the first people in history to call Jesus "the Christ, the Saviour of the world" (John 4:42b)!

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Life of Christ Lesson 19: Nobleman’s Request and Nazareth’s Rage

March 14, 2020 @ 10:57 pm

With this lesson, the Lord moved from His "Year of Obscurity" into His "Year of Open Popularity"!  He began this next year of His 3-year ministry by returning in the power of the Spirit into Galilee.  He was ready to establish Himself in the province where He spent most of His Childhood and early Manhood.  

This study includes the Lord's healing of the Capernaum nobleman's son from a distance.  The man was a Gentile - one of three Gentile-related miracles in which those healed were healed from a distance!  There is a reason for that, so "tune-in" and find out what it is.

Also included in this lesson is the first of two incidents when Christ was rejected in His hometown of Nazareth.  The Nazarethites, in great rage, wanted to cast Him headlong off the city's cliff after He made it abundantly clear He claimed to be the Messiah.

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Life of Christ Lesson 20: Fishing for Men!

March 14, 2020 @ 10:58 pm

In this lesson, we discuss the second phase of the Lord's calling to His disciples.  They had been called to salvation; now they were called to service.  On the shore of the Sea of Galilee, Christ called on Peter, Andrew, James, and John to leave behind their careers as fishers of fish and become, instead, fishers of men!

We discuss some very interesting "Basic Principles of Fishing" in this study - applying the principles for being an effective fish-fisherman to being an effective person-fisherman.  Also included is the Lord's first miracle of a great catch of fish.  He told the men to return to the sea and cast out their nets even though they had fished all night and caught nothing.  When they obeyed, their nets were so full of fish, they began to break!  The Lord was teaching them many good principles they would use later when they went forth in obedience to the Great Comission!  In fact, Peter's first sermon "brought in" 3,000 "fish" (Acts 2:41)!

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Life of Christ Lesson 21: Deliverance from Demons and Disease

March 15, 2020 @ 10:59 pm

In this lesson, the Lord Jesus demonstrated His absolute authority over spiritual sickness (demons) and over physical sickness (disease).  His miracles were always performed to convince the people of Israel of Hid Deith, to authenticate His claims to Messiahship, and to verify His qualification as the Saviour of man.  Isaiah 53:4 clearly predicted that the Messiah would heal many!


The fourth recorded miracle of Christ's earthly life was His deliverance of the Capernaum demoniac (Mark 1:21-28).  This is not only the first recorded miracle found in Mark's gospel account, it is the Lord's first occasion to exercise His authority over Satan's realm.  He expelled a demon from a man in the Capernaum synagogue.


The fifth recorded miracle of Christ's earthly life was the first of five recorded miracles He performed for women.  It was done for Peter's mother-in-law, who was running a fever so high it was life threatening.  By the way, for Peter to have a mother-in-law means that Peter also had a wife!!

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Life of Christ Lesson 22: First Galilean Tour and Leper Cleansing

March 15, 2020 @ 11:00 pm

After exorcising a demon from a man in the Capernaum synagogue and healing Peter's mother-in-law, Jesus and His men left Carpernaum to begin His first major Galilean ministry.  He authenticated both His Person and His preaching by many miracles during that tour.  However, interestingly, there is only one of those many miracles recorded, and it is the cleansing of a leper (Matthew 8:3).  Since it is the only miracle recorded, it must be significant.  It is.  We discuss the significance in this lesson.  We also talk about leprosy, back then and now (aka "Hansen's Disease").


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Life of Christ Lesson 23a: A Paralytic, Forgiven and Healed

March 15, 2020 @ 11:01 pm

In the next two recorded events of Christ's life, He demonstrated His absolute authority and power to forgive sins (a paralytic) and to save (a publican).  In this lesson, we look at His forgiveness and healing of a paralytic.


After His first Galilean tour, Jesus returned to His headquarter city of Capernaum.  He was likely back in Peter's house, which soon filled with people wanting to see and hear Him.  There was a paralytic who was beloved so well by four of his friends that they carried him to see Jesus, hoping he would be healed.  When they got to the house, it was so crowded, the determined friends made a whole in the roof to lower their friend down to Jesus.  The innovation and persistence and love of the friends paid off, for Jesus did heal their friend, but first and foremost, He forgave the man of his sins!  Some scribes and Pharisees, who heard and witnessed the whole episode - and saw the paralytic get up and walk, asked the right question (although with the wrong motive).  They asked, "Who can forgive sins but God only?" (Mark 2:7)!  THAT was the point!  Jesus is God!

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Life of Christ Lesson 23b: A Publican, Forgiven and Called {Matthew}

March 15, 2020 @ 11:02 pm

This is the intriguing account of the call of salvation presented by the Lord Jesus to a publican (tax collector) named Levi!  He was a forsaken sinner, but a command from Jesus, "Follow Me" (Mark 2:14), changed his life forever!  It also influenced our lives in many wonderful ways, for that former, despised and forsaken by his own people tax collector wrote the first book of the New Testament.  His name Levi was changed to "Matthew," which means "gift of Jehovah-God"

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Life of Christ Lesson 24a: Tackling Tradition - Part I

March 15, 2020 @ 11:03 pm

The Lord Jesus was going about Israel authenticating His Messianic credentials through His works, which demonstrated His supreme authority over nature, over Satan's realm, and over diseases of all types (including leprosy).  He also demonstrated His divine authority to preach, to purify, and to forgive sin.  Now, in this next two-part study entited "Tackling Tradition, we see Him demonstrate His power and authority over both men's traditions and the Sabbath.


In the first part of this lesson, we discuss a question the disciples of John the Baptist asked Jesus.  They wanted to know why they spent much time fasting, while He and His disciples were feasting (Luke 5:33).  The Baptist, at this time, was in prison.  The Lord's answer: "Can the children of the bridechamber mourn, as long as the Bridegroom is with them" (Matthew 9:15) is explained, as His predication of the day the Bridegroom would be taken away.


In the latter half of this lesson, we discuss two more parables given by the Lord: the Parables of the New Cloth Patch and the New Wine Pouch.  He teaches, by them, that His way of salvation has nothing to do with traditions, ceremonies, and man-made rules.  He did not come to improve the old system, but to renounce it, for the "old" pharisaic way of attempting to attain righteousness was not connected in any way to His way (which is completely by grace through faith and not of works).  

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Life of Christ Lesson 24b: Tackling Tradition - Part II

March 15, 2020 @ 11:04 pm

In this second half of our lesson on Jesus "Tackling Tradition," He performed the well-known miracle of healing a man who had spent 38 years of his life sitting at the Pool of Bethesda near the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem waiting and hoping he would be healed.  He was an invalid; he could not walk.  It was a Sabbath when the Lord Jesus came near the pool, looked over the multitue of impotent people who were all around it, and rested His focus on the one man, who He then proceded to question ("Wilt thou be made whole?") and heal ("Rise, take up thy bed, and walk").


Because the man was "caught" walking and carrying his bed pallet on the Sabbath, the Jews accused him of breaking the Law (John 5:10).  They showed no joy for the man who could finally walk after 38 years!  Instead, they were hypocritically "concerned" about their Sabbath traditions.  Jesus, Who is "the Lord of the Sabbath," was then persecuted by the Jews for healing on the Sabbath.  His response to their foolish accusation of "breaking" the Sabbath, was to make Himself equal with God (which He is) by saying to them, "My Father worketh hitherto, and I work" (John 5:17)!  It sent them into orbit, and they wanted all the more to kill Him (5:18)!  In case you wonder, there was absolutely nothing wrong with doing "an act of mercy" or "an act of healing" on the Sabbath!  The One Who created the Sabbath was trying to teach that truth to His people, who loved their traditions more than they loved God, as proven by the way they treated His Son.  

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Life of Christ Lesson 25: Lord of the Sabbath - Part I

March 15, 2020 @ 11:05 pm

In this lesson, the Lord gave the second recorded sermon of His earthly ministry.  Interestingly, most people do not know this sermon by its name; nor do they realize how powerful it is, for it is Christ's defense of His claim to equality with God!  It is called "The Sermon on the Judgment and Resurrection Power of the Son" (John 5:19-30, 40-47).   In the sermon, Jesus gave Israel five significant truths about Himself, about His relationship with God, Who He "dared" to call His "Father" (because it is true), and about His real power.  Did you know that the Father has given all judgment over to His Son (5:21-23)?  Who will sit on "The Bema Seat" to judge the works of believers?  Who will be the Judge of "The Sheep and the Goats" at the end of the Tribulation?  Who will sit on the Great White Throne at the judgment of all unbelievers following the Millennial Kingdom?  Answer: God the Son, Jesus Christ.


Also included in this lesson are five witnesses the Lord Jesus presented to prove that His own witness of His Identity is true (5:31-39).  THEN, we get into a discussion of some of the ludicrous traditions the Pharisees had devised over the years regarding the Sabbath.  They had added 1,512 man-made restrictions to God's original commandment about the Sabbath!  In the Jewish Talmud, there are 24 chapters containing Sabbath regulations!  Talk about a heavy yoke!

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Life of Christ Lesson 26: Lord of the Sabbath - Part II

March 15, 2020 @ 11:06 pm

In this second lesson on "The Lord of the Sabbath," we look at the fourth and final division of our outline for both Lessons #25 and #26.  It is called "Three Truths about Sabbath Reverence and Practice".  The Lord Jesus gave three reasons, each illustrated, to explain why neither He nor His men had broken the Mosaic Law regarding the Sabbath.  


The three reasons given were: (1) God's Law Allowed for Acts of Necessity, (2) God's Law Allowed for Acts of Worship, and (3) God's Law Allowed for Acts of Mercy.

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Life of Christ Lesson 27: Appointment of Apostles

March 15, 2020 @ 11:07 pm

With this lesson, we come to the time in Christ's early public ministry when He commissioned twelve men to be intensely trained by Him so they could carry on His work after His departure.  In our two-part outline, we first discuss "God's Beloved Servant" as we see how Jesus fulfilled the Messianic prophecy of Isaiah 42:1, 2.  Then we discuss "Christ's Beloved Servants" and briefly talk a bit about each of the Twelve.

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Life of Christ Lesson 28: Sermon on Mount Overview

March 15, 2020 @ 11:08 pm

The greatest sermon ever preached by the greatest Preacher Who ever lived - the famous "Sermon on the Mount" (Matthew 4:23-7:29; Luke 6:19-49)!  The words of this sermon have been compared to X-rays of our souls; they expose us to ourselves.  They convict us to an uncomfortably GOOD place, where we make some serious self-examination regarding the reality of our salvation, the authenticity of our Christian walk, and the level of our Christian commitment.


This lesson is an overview of the entire sermon.  In it, we discuss the setting for the sermon, the purpose of the sermon, the reasons for studying it today, and the basic principles in the sermon for believers.

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Life of Christ Lesson 29: Highway to Happiness - Part I

March 15, 2020 @ 11:09 pm

There must have been an expectant atmosphere among the assembly gathered on the green hillside northwest of Capernaum to hear Jesus speak.  Hearts were high with hope for future glory; Rome might soon be chased from their land by an Israeli army under the leadership of this God-sent miracle-worker (another Moses was among them)!  No longer would they be poor and hungry as they filled Rome's coffers with their hard-earned money.  No longer would they mourn over their oppression, hardships, and constant fears.  No longer would Israel appear meek before the mighty Roman "Goliath" who persecuted them (another "David" was among them)!


But when Jesus "opened His mouth, and taught them," the people heard nothing about warfare with Rome.  Instead, they heard teaching so full of wisdom, spoken with an authority never before known - yet with a tone of genuine love and compassion that the crowd was mesmerized.  Their dry, thirsty souls and starvingly hunger spirits felt the raindrops of Heaven softening the hard, crusty ground of their hearts.


The people that day  were hearing the words of the greatest sermon ever preached from the lips of the greatest Preacher Who ever walked the earth!  They were the privileged, initial recipients of the Lord's famous, "Sermon on the Mount," which He began with what is called "The Beatitudes".   In Lessons #29 to #32 of our Life of Christ study, we refer to the 8 Beatitudes as "The Highway to Happiness". 


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Life of Christ Lesson 30: Highway to Happiness - Part II

March 15, 2020 @ 11:10 pm

In this continuing study of the Lord's Beatitudes, we come to the next three beatific virtues: hungering and thirsting after righteousness, being merciful, and being pure in heart. 

There is really no better "self-examination" a person can give himself (herself) with regard to his (her) Christian profession than to ask the Matthew 5:6 test question, "Do I genuinely hunger for the things of God?  Do I deeply thirst to know Christ?  Am I hungering and thirsting to be like Him in my life?"  

What exactly is the Biblical meaning of mercy?  What does "they shall obtain mercy" mean?  Have you ever heard of "God's Mercy Cycle"?  You will in this lesson.

The Purity of Heart Beatitude is the apex of all the others; the reason is the first 5 lead up to it and the last 2 flow out of it.  The world asserts that "happy" people are the physically beautiful, rich, powerful, famous, successful, highly educated, and elite.  Jesus says the truly happy people are those who are spiritually beautiful, rich,wise, and successful (fruitful) because their hearts have been purified by Him. 

Come join us in our continued walk down "The Highway to Happiness"!  Who doesn't want to know the key to inner JOY inspite of the chaos, confusion, corruption, and corona all around us?  [Yah, I know, there are some people who seem to enjoy being miserable.  Do you know why?  They've never been down the Beatific Highway.]

This lesson in written form (with Homework Questions) is found in our "Caldwell Commentary" entitled "Life of Christ Vol. 2" or "The Sermon on the Mount" (available through

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Life of Christ Lesson 31: Highway to Happiness - Part III

March 15, 2020 @ 11:11 pm


On both a national and a personal level, mankind has a natural inclination toward fighting, quarreling, and warring.  Peace has been the most elusive of all goals in the world.  According to James (Christ's half-brother) conflicts come from our inner lusts (selfish desires) waging war in the heart (James 4:1, 2).  This is not only true for non-believers; it is true for Christians.  James was writing to the "brethren".  Just think about how divided "the Church" has become since the early days of the Apostolic Church in Jerusalem.  This is why it is important for us to understand the Lord's seventh Beatific virtue: peacemaking!  

What is a peacemaker?  What did the Lord mean by that word?  What does a peacemaker do, exactly?  How did Jesus set the example of being a Peacemaker?  Does it mean always agreeing with everyone, even when they are dangerously wrong or wickedly evil?  Why is a true "peacemaker" a soul-winner?  What is "the ministry of reconciliation" Paul talked about in Second Corinthians?  What are the five basic necessities that comprise a godly peacemaker?  Why is it sometimes necessary for the true peacemaker to stir-up trouble in order to make peace?  (What?)  Did you realize that the Christian peacemaker actually engages in real warfare, for he wrestles not against flesh and blood, but against the evil forces of the kingdom of darkness?  All this is discussed in this lesson.  

We also begin to discuss the final Beatitude, "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake . . . Blessed are ye when men shall revile you . . . and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My sake.  Rejoice, and exceedingly glad . . . " (Matthew 5:10-12a).  How can a believer happily rejoice to the point of exceeding gladness when he is persecuted, reviled, and slandered falsely?  That sounds like one of the greatest paradoxes of all, does it not - Happy are the Hated and the Harrassed?  Yes, but think of this truth, the reward for those who are willing to be a living sacrifice for Christ, is that they will gain everything - ". . . for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven" (5:10b)!  Compared to what is gained, even a martyr's price is small.  We begin our discussion of the final Beatitude in this lesson and continue it in Lesson #32 (so be sure to "follow up").   

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Life of Christ Lesson 32: Highway to Happiness - Part IV

March 15, 2020 @ 11:12 pm

The Beatitudes of the opening verses of the Sermon on the Mount are referred to as "The Sacred Paradoxes" (Thomas Watson), for they tell us that opposites often can and do co-exist.  The Lord Jesus is "The Master of the Paradox"!  Think about some of the seeming contradictions He taught - the first shall be last; giving is receiving; losing is finding; dying is living; serving is ruling, weakness is strength, being His bondslave is being set free; and the least is the greatest.  The Beatitudes contain some equally paradoxical statements:  the poor are rich; the sad are happy; the meek are winners; the hungry are satisfied - and, strangest of all, the persecuted rejoice!  This lesson continues the discussion from Lesson #31 on the final Beatitude, "Blessed are they which are persecuted for My sake".

Why did the Lord spend three times the space on the last Beatitude?  Why did He mention the word "blessed" twice in this last Beatitude?  What are the three primary types of persecution of Christians?  What does it mean if a Christian is experiencing not one of those three types of persecution in his life?  How is the believer in Christ to respond to both persecution and the persecutor?  And how in the world can a Christian rejoice because he is persecuted (which includes not only physical harm, but verbal abuse, and false witness - including slander)?  One more question: is it wrong to be motivated by heavenly rewards to live righteously?  

Would you like to hear answers to the above questions?  Okay.  Push the play button on this message!  Enjoy. 

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Life of Christ Lesson 33: Shake and Shine!

March 15, 2020 @ 11:13 pm

In Lessons #29 and #30, we looked at the characteristics of Kingdom citizens as presented in the Beatitude virtues.  This lesson is about the function of Kingdom citizens!  After we have entered onto "The Highway to Happiness," we have a responsibility to the insipid, dark world around us.  What is that responsibility as followers of Christ?  We are to "Shake and Shine"!  We are called by Him to be the salt and light of the world!  We are to be salt for a corrupt world and light for a confused world.  To put our Christian responsibility in two words, we are to INFLUENCE and ILLUMINATE.

Lord, shake on me Thy savory salt, 'til I am ready to burst!

Fill me so full with righteousness that others for Thee will thirst.

Shine on me Thy radiant light so I almost seem to glow;

Help me, Lord, guide others to Thee, so Thy Truth they also might know.

O Lord, make me salty!  O Lord, make me shine!

Use me, dear Saviour, for Thy glory divine.

O Lord, make me salty!  O Lord, make me bright!

May I create thirst, and guide men to Thy Light! 

                                                                                                                   Katherine Caldwell


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Life of Christ Lesson 34: The Reliabilty of Scripture!

March 15, 2020 @ 11:14 pm

Since the remainder of the Lord's teaching in "The Sermon on the Mount" was based on the Old Testament, He prefaced the remainder of the sermon with a "prologue" (Matthew 5:17-20).  In just four very significant verses, Christ affirmed to His listeners the absolute "Reliability of Scripture"!  

The Lord's words in this critical passage confirm for us He did not come to destroy the Law and the prophets (the Old Testament), but to fulfill them!  He confirmed His belief in the preeminence (the superiority) of Scripture; in the permanence of Scripture; in the pertinence of Scripture, and He understood the purpose of Scripture (obviously, for He is the Author and Finisher of Scripture)!

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Life of Christ Lesson 35: Heart Righteousness {Murder}

March 15, 2020 @ 11:15 pm

In Matthew 5:21-26 of His "Sermon on the Mount," Christ drew a strong contrast between His teaching on certain key matters of life and the teaching that had been presented to the Jewish people by their leaders for centuries - teaching from the Old Testament that they had both altered and expanded upon so that it was not anything similar to God's original meaning.  In each of the six subjects of this section, "Reinterpretations of the Law" (murder, adultery, divorce, oath-making, retaliation, and love), He stressed HEART-righteousness.  


Learn what the Lord had to say about the sin of murder!  It goes a whole lot further than the actual killing of another person.  In fact, every one of us is guilty of "murder" the way the Lord defines it!  


The Lord also laid down some very specific steps for reconciliation with a Christian brother or sister in this section of His Sermon.  

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Life of Christ Lesson 36: Heart Righteousness {Adultery}

March 15, 2020 @ 11:16 pm

In Matthew 5:27-30, the Lord Jesus gave the second contrasting, corrective illustration between the rabbinic teaching the people heard wrongly presented to them and His interpretation of the Law.  In this section, He spoke about adultery, making it clear that the sin is a lot more than just a physical act.  He taught (as He did with murder) that the sin of adultery begins in the heart.  The religious rulers, as with most people today, needed a divinely given course on the doctrine of sin.  They had lowered the level of God's holy standards to an exteranlism they felt they could achieve, and then they self-righteously convinced themselves God was pleased with their great efforts to master their own standards of "righteousness".  They were pious-acting hypocrites!

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Life of Christ Lesson 37: Old Testament Teaching on Divorce

March 15, 2020 @ 11:17 pm

In the Lord's famous "Sermon on the Mount," He went from discussing the matter of adultery to the subject of divorce and remarriage (Matthew 5:31, 32).  Coming to a subject like this demonstrates the importance of an expositional, systematic study of Scripture, for it forces us to discuss subjects we may be otherwise tempted to avoid.  This topic is difficult and sensitive for many people; it is not one that is taught with joy, but we are commanded to study the whole counsel of the Word of God and not to ignore those things some find offensive, painful, or convicting.  It is critical in our day of high divorce rate even among Christians to see the matter of divorce and remarriage through the eyes of God, so, beginning with this lesson and ending with Lesson 38, we will look at what He has to say about this subject in both the Old and New Testaments.

This lesson (and Lesson #38 on "New Testament Teaching on Divorce") is found in our "Caldwell Commentary" series "Life of Christ Vol 2" and "The Sermon on the Mount" (availabe through

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Life of Christ Lesson 38: New Testament Teaching on Divorce

March 15, 2020 @ 11:18 pm

It would be good to preceed hearing this message with Lesson 37 from our Life of Christ study, "Old Testament Teaching on Divorce". 

This study stems from the Lord's teaching in "The Sermon on the Mount," but we also look at Paul's inspired words in First Corinthians 7:10-16 for further information about the subject of divorce.  What are the only two Biblical grounds for divorce?  Listen and find out. 

What about remarriage after a divorce?  Again, listen and find out.


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Life of Christ Lesson 39: Taking Oaths/Speaking Truth

March 15, 2020 @ 11:19 pm

This lesson is on Matthew 5:33-37, part of "The Sermon on the Mount".  Throughout this famous sermon, the Lord Jesus was attempting to convey to His listeners the fact that everything a citizen of His eternal Kingdom says or does is important to God.  If a Christian is to be an effective witness to this world where fake news, half-truths (which are lies), vain philosophies, false religious, evil cults, and massive deceptions reign, he or she must be a person who guards both his or her heart and tongue to speak only the truth and to keep every vow made to God or man!  God looks with great seriousness on every aspect of our lives!

We consider three sections on the matter of "Taking Oaths and Speaking Truth".  First, we look at what the Old Testament says on oath-taking (Exodus 20:7; Leviticus 19:12; Numbers 30:2; Deuteronomy 23:21).  Then we consider what the Pharisees taught on the matter and, finally, compare the Pharisaic teaching with what the Lord Jesus had to say about it.

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Life of Christ Lesson 40: Resisting Personal Retaliation

March 15, 2020 @ 11:20 pm

This lesson is on Matthew 5:38-42.  In this section of "The Sermon on the Mount" (5:21-48), Christ was contrasting Pharisaic, external "righteousness" (see 5:20) with God's true, inner righteousness, using examples like murder (Lesson 35), adultery (Lesson 36), divorce (Lessons 37 and 38), and oath takine (Lesson 39).  His next topic to use in comparing the teachings propagated by Israel's religious rulers (gross misinterpretations of the Law) and His own teaching dealt with the matter of personal vengeance and retaliation.

We will first look at the Old Testament teaching on the subject of retaliation (the Mosaic principles found in Exodus 21:22-25; Leviticus 24:19, 20; Deuteronomy 19:20, 21), and then see how the Pharisees had perverted that teaching.  Finally, we will look at the Lord Jesus' perspective on the subject!  He teaches the following: do NOT retaliate even though your dignity is smitten, your security is sued, your freedoms are sacrificed, and your possessions are surrendered.  Wow.  Turning the other cheek, surrendering your cloak also, going the second mile, and giving to him that asks!  Being a Christian is not easy!

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Life of Lesson Christ 41: Loving and Living Supernaturally

March 15, 2020 @ 11:21 pm

This lesson is on Matthew 5:43-48.  Nowhere is there a greater contrast between the false, hypocritical "righteousness" of the Jewish religious rulers of Christ's day and true, godly heart-righteousness than in the Lord's sixth and final illustration on the section of "The Sermon on the Mount" entitled "Reinterpretations of the Law".  This greatest contrast deals with LOVE.  In no more important area had the scribes and Pharisees so critically departed from God's standards of holiness.  Unfortunately, they were far too "in-love" with themselves and their social status to have time or leftover concern for anyone outside their inner circle.

We divide this study into three sections.  First, we look at the Mosaic principles about love (Leviticus 19:18), then we discuss the Pharisaic perversion on the subject of love.  Finally, finally we look at Christ's persepctive, ewhich is to possess a supernatural love that enables us to love our enemies, pray for our enemies, and to have absolutely no partiality toward any one.  

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Life of Christ Lesson 121b: Two Acts of Judgment {Christ’s Uncharateristic Events of Passion Week Monday}

March 16, 2020 @ 12:58 am

Matthew 21:12, 13, 18, 19; Mark 11:12-18; Luke 19:45-48

Early on Monday of the Lord's Passion Week, He engaged in two uncharacteristic acts:  He cursed a fruitless tree and cleansed a filthy Temple!  Both events symbolically revealed the hypocrisy and spiritual lifelessness of Israel!

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Life of Christ Lesson 122: The Lord’s Last Public Appeal - Part I

March 16, 2020 @ 12:59 am

John 12:20-36

In this lesson and Lesson 123, we learn of Christ's last public words of testimony regarding Himself and His offer of eternal life.  The three outline divisions for this lesson are entitled, "Visit of Greeks," "Voice of God," and "Vacating of Grace.

Interestingly, the desire of the Greeks to see Jesus was prophetic of all that would occur during the 2,000+ years of the Church Age!  Unlike the Jews, who wanted to see "a sign," the Greeks (who picture all Gentiles) wanted to see Jesus!  

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Life of Christ Lesson123: The Lord’s Last Public Appeal - Part II

March 16, 2020 @ 1:00 am

John 12:37-50

With this lesson we conclude our two-part study on John 12:20-50, an important passage of God's Word that contains "The Lord's Last Public appeal" to the people of Israel of His day.  After this, we find Jesus concentrating almost entirely on teaching His twelve Apostles.  In this first part of this study (Lesson 122), we learned of some "seeking Greeks" who had desired to see Jesus.  To their request, the Lord gave a reply that contained two prophetic forecasts of His upcoming death by crucifixion, as well as a beautiful prayer of submission to His Father's will.

Following His last public appeal to the Jewish people in John 12:22-36, John wrote some verses to summarize the Lord's 3 1/2 years of ministry to Israel.  He wrote, first, of "The Reasons for Jewish Disbelief" and then he gave a "Recapitulation of Jesus' Discourses" - and these subjects are what this lesson is about.

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