Life of Christ Lesson 185b: Angelic and Ecstatic Activity

March 16, 2020 @ 3:12 am

NOTE: Correction to this message - replace Katherine's words about "Thursday evening" with "Wednesday evening".  To understand this change, listen to podcast message entitled, "Passion Week Chronology".

There was so much activity taking place at the Lord's EMPTY tomb early Sunday morning, it is difficult to get the sequence all put together, but it is explained very clearly in this study - and in a very exciting manner!  Bible critics who claim inconsistencies in the accounts of the four gospel authors are addressed and easily answered!  

This is a fascinating lesson!  It is informative in many ways; even humerous in the way the differences between women and men are demonstrated!  Did you know it was a group of three women who first announced the full Gospel message - the death, burial, and resurrection!  To whom did they make that announcement?  The Apostles.  What was their reaction?  Disbelief.  In fact, they thought the women were full of delirious wild talk!  How ironic that when they publicly shared the Gospel on the Day of Pentecost, they were accused of being drunk!  We should not be surprised when people to whom we share the Good News of salvation in Christ think we are narrow-minded, non-woke, backwoods, ignorant fools - should we?  It has always been that way! Nonetheless, the Truth is the Truth and we sow the seed and leave the response of "the soil" to the Lord!

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