Life of Christ Lesson 191: Fishers of Men

March 16, 2020 @ 3:22 am

John chapter 21 is the epilogue to the Gospel of John, and it is packed with great information.  In the Lord's seventh post-resurrection appearance and His first in Galilee, He either spoke about or illustrated the three specific ministry roles His men and all His followers were to have in the world after His Ascension:  (1) to be fishers of men, (2) to be shepherds over the flocks entrusted to their care (which can include your own children or a nursery class at your local church), and (3) to be disciples (learners and followers) of Him.

In this lesson, we discuss the only post-resurrection miracle of Christ (other than His Ascension), and it was a miraculous catch of fish.  Was it wrong for the seven disciples in this event to have gone fishing while waiting for the Lord to appear?  What about some of the spiritually significant differences between this miraculous catch of fish and an earlier one Luke 5:1-7?  Why did one net break, causing some fish to escape, and the other did not?  Why was there no count of the number of fish in the first miracle, but an exact count of 153 in the second, and is there significance in that number?

How does the seven disciples' morning breakfast with Christ on the shore give a picture of the yet-future Marriage Supper of the Lamb?  Why did the Lord Jesus, for the first time, not bless the bread before they ate?  Along with a lot of great Bible truths, these and other questions are answered in this packed lesson!

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