Life of Christ Lesson 193b: The Grand Finale - Part II

March 16, 2020 @ 3:25 am

Between the time of Christ's resurrection and His ascension, He met with His eleven Apostles numerous times (not all of them are recorded).  That 40-day period of time was not only a time of fellowship, but, more importantly, of instruction.  Luke 24:44049 contain the last recorded words of Christ in the four gospel accounts, and they were words that (1) opened the Apostles' minds (verses 44-47) and (2) promised the opening of their mouths (verses 48, 49).

On His eleventh post-resurrection appearance, 40 days after His resurrection, the Lord left His men in a dramatic, climactic way they would never forget!  It would motivate them the rest of their lives.  That unforgettable moment was His Ascension!  In the concluding passages of the Mark and Luke, plus Acts 1:9-11, we discuss 3 topics related to Christ's amazing Ascension: (1) His Return to Heaven, (2) His future Return to Earth, and (3) His Disciples' Return to Jerusalem.

This is an exciting, emotional message; very inspirational and motivational.

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