Life of Christ Lesson 188a: Emmaus Road Despondency

March 16, 2020 @ 3:18 am

This is the account of Christ's fourth recorded post-resurrection appearance; the one that launched us into a study of Old Testament Christology (see Lesson 1 in our Christ in Genesis series).  If it was possible to take a time machine into the past, I personally would join the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus Resurrection Sunday afternoon to hear the unrecognized Lord Jesus preach "the things concerning Himself" from the Old Testament Scriptures.  Having their eyes opened to see how Christ has always been the Subject of Scripture, from Genesis to Malachi (and, of course, the entire New Testament), is what dramatically changed those disciples!  They went from utter despair to the utmost delight during their 7-mile walk with the Greatest-ever Bible Teacher, and we're never the same again!  They became infected with spiritual heartburn and couldn't wait to spread it to others (see Lesson 188b)!

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