Life of Christ Lesson 190: Christ Deals with Doubt {Thomas}

March 16, 2020 @ 3:21 am

The sixth recorded post-resurrection appearance of Christ took place one week after Resurrection Sunday evening.  Both the Aramaic name "Thomas," and the Greek version, which is "Didymas," mean "twin" (as in "ditto").  Thomas has "twins" all over this skeptical world of ours!  He can be said to symbolize the "scientific approach" to life: "I will only believe what I can test; what I can touch and see and feel".  Sadly, Thomas also has "twins" ("dittos") all over Christendom, for the Lord has many weak children in His family.  Thomas was a true sheep who fell briefly into the trap of insisting on the world's way of "proving" things - which is that seeing is believing.

It took a loving, living, resurrected Saviour to make a special appearance just for Thomas to "resurrect" a buried faith!  He will do it for you, too!  DO YOU KNOW THIS TRUTH - Thomas is the first person in all four gospels to openly confess Jesus as "God"!?  "Doubting Didymas" became the Apostle to give the strongest and most conclusive testimony to the Deity of Jesus!  How's that for the grace of the Good Shepherd toward a wandering sheep? 

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