Life of Christ Lesson 193a: The Grand Finale - Part I

March 16, 2020 @ 3:24 am

Well, this is it.  After an extensive study of the Life of Christ in which we went chronologically through every step, every word, every miracle, every event of His life as recorded in all four gospel accounts (a study that took 12 years), we come to "The Grand Finale".  In this Part I look at the final verses of Matthew, Mark, and Luke (John was concluded in Lesson 192 called "Peter's Public Restoration"), we discuss Christ's final post-resurrection appearances to believers, His final commissioning statement to them, and (in Part II) His incredible, visible Ascension back to Heaven.

In the Lord's eighth post-resurrection appearance (upon a Galilean mountain), He appeared before more than 500 believers (I Corinthians 15:6), whose reaction was to worship Him (Matthew 28:17).  In this lesson, we discuss the Lord's "Great Commission".  Christianity is not (contrary to what some seem to believe) an entertainment faith.  Nor is it a fellowship faith or a service-projects' faith.  Christianity is a missionary faith!  Everyone of us who call ourselves "Christian" are commissioned to "GO" forth with the Gospel message, sowing its seed, and teaching any and all who will listen!  Amen.

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