Life of Christ Lesson 189: Behind Closed Doors

March 16, 2020 @ 3:20 am

We take a look at the fifth post-resurrection appearance of the Lord Jesus in this lesson, "Behind Closed Doors".  It was now Resurrection Sunday evening.  All the Apostles, except Thomas, were gathered in the Upper Room with a group of other believers (including the two who had returned to Jerusalem after their journey with Jesus to Emmaus).

Wouldn't you have loved to be in that room when Christ suddenly appeared in their midst, even though they had the door locked and He had not knocked and waited for someone to open it?  They were "terrified and affrighted" and thought He was a ghost!  His first words to them after they had scattered from Him?  "Peace be unto you"!  What a gracious Saviour! 

This is an exciting lesson.  A lot of "meat" and good information.  We also discover what our own resurrected bodies will be like by observing the Lord and what He was able to do in His resurrected, glorified Human body!  Poor Thomas had to go through a whole additional week of disbelief and gloom because he had forsaken the assemblage with the others!

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