Revelation Lesson 42: Ecumenical Babylon’s Fall

March 19, 2020 @ 3:43 pm

In this lesson on Revelation 17, we meet a woman so old, she was around before Abraham left Ur of the Chaldees; yet, she is beautifully seductive to behold (from the world's perspective).  She is very clever with her cosmetics and her creative ways to manipulate mankind into her web of deceit and keep them there.  She has strongly influenced many political governments, often dominating and dictating her will.  She has been paid great homage by billions of admirers, who, in paying her exorbitant services, have made her massively wealthy.  For all her external appeal, however, the woman is evil.  Her hands are stained with blood.  She has single-handedly sent more souls to Hell than anyone besides Satan himself.  She is one of his greatest accomplishments.

Who is she?  We could call her "Mother Babylon".  She is the vast international system of error and apostacy that has its roots in the ancient city of Babel and the satanic religion of Babylonianism, from which all false religions can trace their origin.

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