Revelation Lesson 39: Victory Visions!

March 19, 2020 @ 3:40 pm

Revelation chapter 14.  In the parenthetical break between the sixth and seventh trumpet judgments, the Holy Spirit inspired John to write about things that would bring comfort to the saints of God, particularly to those living during the Tribulation.  Through the presentation of seven pronouncements - or visions, assurance is given regarding the ultimate victory of Christ over Satan and the two beasts and His judgment on all who follow them.

This lesson stands in stark contrast to the previous one on chapter 13.  Here, the subject is Christ; in 13, the subject was Antichrist.  Here, we look at the True Lamb; in 13, we looked at the false lamb.  Here, we read of those sealed with the mark of God; in 13, we read of those sealed with the mark of the beast.  In place of the multitudes worshipping Antichrist and blaspheming God in chapter 13, we hear the hosts of Heaven praising God!

The five visions discussed in this lesson are: the vision of the faithful virgins, the vision of the flying gospel, the vision of the fallen Babylon, the vision of the future wrath, and the vision of the future rest.

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