Revelation Lesson 32: Those Able to Stand

March 19, 2020 @ 3:33 pm

Have you ever wondered if there is going to be a worldwide spiritual awakening to Christ?  Have you ever prayed for one?  Well, if so, you will be glad to know that the greatest revival the world has ever known is yet to come!  A truth few people realize is that the greatest revival ever will occur during the 7-year Tribulation Period.  This coming revival will be God's answer to the prayers of many of the Church Age believers - and it is described in Revelation chapter 7, which is discussed in this lesson.  After the unbelievable destruction of the first six seal judgments, and one-fourth of the population is swallowed-up in death and hundreds of thousands are martyred for their faith in Christ, a question is asked, "Who shall be able to stand?"

In answer to that question comes in chapter 7.  There will be two groups of people able to stand - one group is the 144,000 sealed Jews; the other is the innumerable saved Gentiles and Jews.  As the Antichrist is going forth conquering with all his political advances, the Holy Spirit will be very busy drawing the hearts of millions to a saving knowledge and faith in Christ

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