Revelation Lesson 19: The Church at Sardis - Part III

March 19, 2020 @ 3:20 pm

The resurrected Christ had very bluntly told the church at Sardis (representing the Church of the Reformation and Protestanism) that although she had "a name" as a Church faithful to His teaching, yet His assessment of her spiritual life was that she was "dead".  Sadly, we find today that many Protestant churches are just going through the form, rituals, traditions, and motions of external Christianity, but are void of the life and empowerment of the Holy Spirit and Christ Himself.  The reason is that these churches are full of professing only "believers" (those with head knowledge, but no heart knowledge - for they have never truly been "born again").

A church is in serious danger of dying when it begins to worship its past (heritage) and when it is more concerned with it committee meetings and programs than with proclaiming the Gospel and telling people how to be SAVED!  When a church gets to the point of loving systems, social status in the community, and men's acclaim more than it loves Jesus Christ; when it is more concerned with temporant than spiritual things, it is a dying church (if not already dead).

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