Revelation Lesson 18: The Church at Sardis Part II

March 19, 2020 @ 3:19 pm

This is a continuation of our study on Christ's words to "The Dead Church," the church at Sardis.  This stage in Church history began well (it was a work of God), but, sadly, did not continue well.  She began to rest in ease on her good name (she had good heritage) and her good doctinal position, and subsequently neglected her practice.  As with the history of the original city named Sardis, the church of Sardis failed to keep alert, and Satan marched right in her front door and over-sowed her heavily with tares! 

It is beneficial for every Christian to study the progressive history of Christendom to better understand how and why the dogmas, creeds, and traditions of the various church denominations originated, and where we are today in Church history (and what has caused us to be here)!  Discussed in this lesson: John Knox, John Calvin, John Huss, Martin Luther, Zwingli, the Puritans, Lollards, Anabaptists, Waldensians, Hugenots, Presbyterianism, Lutheranism, Consubstantiation, etc.

This brief Reformation history lesson will help you understand the Lord's words to all who are represented by Sardis, ". . . for I have not found thy works perfect before God".  Learn Christ's formula for revival from His important words to this church!  

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