Revelation Lesson 14: The Church at Pergamos - Part II

March 19, 2020 @ 3:14 pm

The First Century city of Pergamos was a very prominent religious center loaded with temples for the worship of Zeus, Athena, Dionysus, and Asklepios and temples dedicated to worship of the Roman emperors ("the Caesar Cult").  It was an atmosphere completely adverse to Christianity.  In this lesson, you will learn some fascinating facts about this time in history, including Emperor Constantine's "supposed" conversion to Christianity.  Unfortunately, he became Satan's "instrument" to "marry" the church to the world by "elevating" her status (the meaning of the word "pergamos" is "marry" or "elevate").

Find out how church services began to be gradually and heavily influenced by paganism and covered in a ritualism that strongly resembled Babylonian mysticism!  When did prayers for the dead, the worship of angels, the Mass, Mary-worship, the doctrine of purgatory, and the idea of extreme unction come from?  Answer:  during the Pergamite stage of Church history.

Who were Gaius and Antipas in relation to the church at Pergamos?  What is "the doctrine of Balaam"?  What commendation did the Lord have for this church?  What serious words of reproof did He speak to her?  What promises (3 of them) did He give for the "overcomers"?

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