Revelation Lesson 12: The Church at Smyrna - Part I

March 19, 2020 @ 3:12 pm

In this lesson (and half of lesson 13), we discuss the resurrected Christ's words to the church at Smyrna; a name derived from the word "myrrh," from the word "martyr".  As with Ephesus, the name is most appropriate for the second church, which  represents the second stage of Church history (A.D. 64 to 313); the stage of enormous persecution.  Myrrh is a resin-like substance that emits a beautiful fragrance when it is crushed!  Find out the 3 other times  "myrrh" occurs in the New Testament; there is a fascinating link between this church and Christ!  This is the poor church Jesus called "rich," and to which He spoke no admonition! 

Find out who Christ referred to when He talked about the blasphemy of those who claimed to be Jews, but "are the synagogue of Satan" (2:9).  Ever hear of the Judiazers?  

Learn about a man named Polycarp, a leader in the church at Smyrna (led to Christ by the Apostle Paul), and his amazing last words as he was being burned alive for his faith!  Interestingly, in speaking to this church, Jesus reminded them He "was dead, and is alive" (2:8).  Resurrection is true for all believers (called "overcomers"), who, as Christ promised, will "not be hurt of the second death"! 

Be sure to hear the end of Christ's words to Smyrna is Lesson 13.



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