Revelation Lesson 15: The Church at Thyatira - Part I

March 19, 2020 @ 3:16 pm

The seven church letters given by the resurrected Christ prophetically spelled-out exactly what would take place in Church history!  It is amazing!  Coming to His fourth letter, to the church at Thyatira, we find the longest letter and it represents the period from approximately A.D. 600 to 1500.  It was when Romanism (an ungodly mixture of paganism, Judaism, and Christianity) dominated Christendom.  It was the time commonly called "The Dark Ages".

We discuss many very serious matters in this lesson.  Was Peter the first pope, as Catholicism claims?   Was the Catholic church the first church, from which most of Christendom "broke off"?Who is represented by the false prophetess of this letter named Jezebel?  What was she saying that worked to seduce the church to commit "fornication" with paganism?  Why did Jesus refer to Himself as "the Son of Godto the church at Thyatira, which represents the stage of Church history that made Jesus very popular as the Son of Mary?  Oh, did you know this?  Prior to being called "Thyatira," the city was name "Semiramis" (wife of Nimrod of the Tower of Babel fame), who was worshipped as "the queen of Heaven". 

Why is "Thyatira," which in Greek means "continual sacrifice," an appropriate name for this representative time in Church history, when the Mass and the unbiblical teaching of Transubstantiation developed?

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