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February 15, 2020 @ 4:51 am


Katherine Karavas Caldwell, author of "The Caldwell Commentary" series (now at 24 books), is an extraordinary teacher, writer, and founder of The Living Word Ministries (1987).  She was raised on the northshore of Chicago, graduated from prestigious New Trier High School, earned her Bachelors' (and part of her Master's) degree in Teaching from the University of Illinois in Dekalb, and has lived in Pinehurst, NC since her marriage in 1975.  Her ancestry stems from Corinth, Greece (attended Greek School in her childhood).  Katherine came to Christ through the witness of a Messianic Jew, which is why her "life verse" is Romans 1:16 - not only is she unashamed of the Gospel, but it was literally "to the Jew first, and also to the Greek" in her life! 

Mrs. Caldwell is the daughter of a WWII vet, the wife of a Navy Captain (pilot), and the mother of an F-35C pilot.  She has three adult children, all married, and (so far) nine wonderful grandchildren (ages 15 years to 6 months).  Mrs. Caldwell has been involved in teaching large Bible studies for 35+ years.  Her teaching (and corresponding commentaries) include a 12-year harmonized study of Christ in the 4 gospels.  She was personal friends with Dr. Lehman Strauss, Dr. John Whitcomb, and Dr. John Phillips, who all taught in person at her Bible Studies.  Dr. Strauss gave her a great compliment, saying she was the best woman Bible teacher he ever heard.

BOOKS - "The Caldwell Commentaries"

The Caldwell Commentary books are unique in their dual purpose.  First, they are expositional commentaries written in a manner easily understandable to new Christians or even non-Christians.  At the same time, the content of these commentaries is deep and detailed enough for seasoned students of Scripture to feast upon  These commentaries have been used by multitudes of pastors, Sunday School teachers, Bible study teachers, individuals, and prison ministries!  They are even translated and read on a daily radio station in a communist country!  The second aspect of these unique commentaries is that they are "set up" as commentary-workbooks.  There are "Homework Questions" for each lesson - with space available for written answers.  Homework Answer Sheets" are also included at the back of the books.  

The books are coordinated with the audio lessons on this podcast.  For example, on this podcast, you can listen to Lesson 1 from our commentary called "Christ in Genesis," and its content is found in written form (with Homework Questions) in the first chapter.  Anything listed on this podcast that says, "Life of Christ," is from one of our 8 volumes on "The Life of Christ" commentaries; an audio lesson from "Revelation" has a corresponding written lesson/homework question in one of our two volumes on the "Book of Revelation," etc.  This is what makes this commentary series so popular for study groups of all sizes!  It gives people the ability to both hear (podcast) and read (books) every one of over 800 lessons (which will eventually be downloaded to this podcast).

The "Caldwell Commentary" books can be purchased through Scripture Truth Book Company in Fincastle, Virginia.  That wonderful family owned ministry-business, has distributed our books for decades.  There is a link on this podcast to take you straight to their on-line website.  Under "Key" words, type in "Caldwell" to see all the current books available.  "CHRIST in EXODUS" will be available this summer (2020).  [The average commentary has about 25 lessons and is about 300 pages long.] 



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