Life of Christ Lesson 46: The Worry Rule (Handling Storms)

October 29, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

This lesson on Matthew 6:25-34 (from the Lord's "Sermon on the Mount") is on the subject of WORRY!  Oh dear.  With the current Coronavirus Pandemic upon us, this is an extremely important message from the Lord Jesus for all of us to hear and adhere!!  


In His words of wisdom, the Lord tells His followers that to worry about earthly matters demonstrates three things:  1. distrust of our Father's Providence, 2. distrust of our Father's Promises, and 3. doubt in our Father's Protection.


What do we do when circumstances arise that appear to be potential situations for worry (anxiety)?   We discuss 6 reasons why Christians should NOT worry in the midst of storms (or any time).  Listen and sleep well tonight.


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