Life of Christ Lesson 9: A Desert Voice

March 14, 2020 @ 10:43 pm

In ancient times, it was common for a herald to precede the arrival of a reigning king.  Along with a contingent of royal servants, the herald would make sure the roadways were smooth and as straight as possible, that obstacles were removed, and roads were safe from highway robbers and wild animals.  As the herald inspected the roads, he was also busy proclaiming to the people of the land that king was soon coming, and all the preparations should be made ready for him.  Thus, the royal herald's duty was twofold: (1) to proclaim the coming king, and (2) to prepare his way.  This was the twofold duty of John the Baptist, who "paved the way" spiritually for the King of kings, Jesus Christ, by attempting to remove obstructions of sin in the peoples' hearts.

Why was the Baptist the greatest Old Testament person born of a woman (eliminates Adam) to ever live, according the Christ?  What was about him that earned that accolade?

In this lesson, we learn about Biblical repentence; we learn about the difference between a baptism of righeousness and a baptism of repentance; we learn about the personality and humility of John, his clothing, his diet, his dedication to his commission, and his Nazarite vow - much to learn about the voice crying in the desert to prepare the way for the Sovereign Saviour. 

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