Life of Christ Lesson 8: The Silent Years

March 14, 2020 @ 10:40 pm

When we consider how little is found in the Bible about the childhood and the pre-ministerial life of the Lord Jesus, we discover how true is the statement that God did not write Scripture to satisfy man's curiosity; He wrote it to sancify his conduct!  Though there is a lot of speculation (and a great deal of misinformation) about the years between Christ's infancy and the beginning of His public ministry "about thirty years of age" (Luke 3:23), the Bible is almost completely silent.  

In this lesson, we will discuss - from the few verses of God' Word about each stage of Christ's early life (1) Jesus the Child, (2) Jesus the Adolescent, (3) Jesus the Young Man, and (4) Jesus the Carpenter.

Although Jesus was God and could have easily by-passed all normal growth processes, He willingly subjected Himself to live in a human body so as to empathize with the whole human experience.  He did not simply appear in the world as an infant with an adult mind.  He did not come physically as a grown man  He was the very Word of God, but He had to learn to speak like we all do.  His wisdom and knowledge came to Him by degrees (though greatly accelerated because of His sinless nature).  

Who were Jesus' brothers?  Did He have sisters?  How does the fact that He had half-siblings disprove the perpetual virginity theory about Mary?  When do we first know that Jesus knew His mission?  What kind of father was Joseph and when did he disappear from the scene?  How appropriate is it that the Creator-Carpenter of the Universe chose to be a Carpenter is His pre-ministerial life?  

We note that Jesus did not fall victim to fleshly impatience by striving to obtain honor and glory on His own or for His own glory.  He waited on His heavenly Father's timing as He spent 30 preperation years laboring diligently at His trade (building things) and in the Word (of which He is both Author and Finisher)!  Great, very informative lesson about a lot of things Christians don't normally think about with regard to our Saviour.


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