Life of Christ Lesson 69: Cresting and Resting the Stormy Sea

March 15, 2020 @ 11:52 pm

In this lesson from our 8-year Life of Christ study (through all four gospels), titled "Cresting and Resting the Stormy Sea" in the accompany commentary-book ("Life of Christ Vol. 3), we discuss the Lord's amazing deliverance of His disciples from sure death in a very violent storm.   The Lord calmed that storm by simply getting into the ship with His disciples, but there was another miracle that occurred at the very same time!!  That simultaneous miracle is mentioned so briefly, it is OFTEN NOT NOTICED AT ALL.  It also took place quickly (in the twinkling of an eye), and may very well serve as a beautiful prophetic picture of THE RAPTURE (and/or the individual Christian's "home-going").  The ship and all "on board" were instantly on the shore of safety (i.e. Heaven)!



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