Life of Christ Lesson 6a: Three Infanthood Events

March 14, 2020 @ 10:37 pm

In this lesson, we discuss three events in the life of the Lord that took place shortly after His birth: 1.  His circumcision at 8 days of age, 2. His presentation in the Temple at 40 days of age (His first visit there) for the ritual of cleansing Mary and redeeming Him, her firstborn son, from priestly service (although the Bible never says Mary and Joseph paid the five shekels to redeem Baby Jesus from the priesthood - fascinating!).  3.  The third event of Jesus' Infanthood discussed in this lesson is the public recognition He was given by the lips of two extremely godly and very elderly servants of God - one a man (Simeon),the other a woman (Anna).  This lesson is worth listening to just to learn about these two amazing people who were part of the small, but faithful remnant of true Israel.  Out of the mouths of two witnesses, the young Jesus was proclaimed in the Temple to be "the Lord's Christ," "the Consolation of Israel," and the long awaited Messiah!  


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