Life of Christ Lesson 2a: A Life Worth Knowing - Part I

March 14, 2020 @ 10:30 pm

Luke's gospel begins with the Greek physician and meticulous historian giving Theophilus (and all "lovers of God") the eye-witness sources he used for his God-inspired account of Christ's life.  Luke traveled extensively with Paul and Silas; he spent time with Mark, who was very close to Peter.  He associated with Barnabas, Philip the evangelist, Agabus the prophet, Mnason the disciple, and he likely received his famous birth account (chapter 2) directly from the Lord's mother, Mary!  You can be confident that Luke did his research in preparing his account of Christ's life.  You can also be confident that it is accurate because the Holy Spirit guided Luke's every word.

If there is one Person Who has ever lived Whose life is well worth knowing - intellectually AND internally (mind and heart), it is the pre-life (Eternity Past), the earthly life (Incarnation), and the post-life (Resurrection/Ascension/Eternal Reign) of the Lord Jesus.

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