Life of Christ Lesson 15: King Cleanses the Temple!

March 14, 2020 @ 10:52 pm

Did you know that a number of the early Church "fathers" considered the Lord's single-handed cleansing of the Temple as one of the greatest "miracles" of His entire public ministry?  Did you know that His zealous act fulfilled two specific Messianic Old Testament prophecies (Malachi 3:1-3; Psalm 69:9)?  Did you know that on the Lord's first visit to Jerusalem in His official earthly ministry He predicted the Jews would destroy Him, but He would rise from that destruction on the third day?  

Did you know the Christ's first cleansing of His Father's House (the Temple) occurred at the time of Passover (as did His second Temple cleansing, which took place on Passion Week Monday)?  The Jews meticulously swept their own homes clean of all leaven, but they allowed God's House to be full of all manner of evil corruption ("leaven of unrighteousness") in what was called "Annas' Bizarre".  Annas was Israel's very corrupt high priest!  A problem with our culture today, which was likewise the problem in Christ's day, is the lack of righteous outrage over evil.  The Lord Jesus possessed zealous righteous indignation against sin!  He harmed no one, but He got His point across loud and clear!  What a great example!

A jam-packed lesson full of goodies for those who love to learn!

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