Life of Christ Lesson 14: King’s First Miracle {Water to Wine}

March 14, 2020 @ 10:51 pm

Anyone honestly investigating the matter of Christ's Deity needs to carefully examine both His words and His works.  His works (miracles) demonstrated His Deity in that they displayed His absolute authority over every realm of life: nature, Satan and the demons, sickness, disease, deformities, and death itself.  His miracles not only testified of His Person; they also confirmed the truth of His proclamations.

Not only was marriage the first institution created (designed) and ordained by God, but a marriage (in Cana of Galilee) was the first event God (Christ) sanctioned with His presence in His public ministry.  He also performed His first miracle to assure the success of that marriage.  Both of these truths tells us of the high position He places on the marriage relationship.

Learn why the Lord Jesus referred to His mother as "woman" in this account; not "mother".  Was He disrespectful?  What was the message He was conveying to her?  Was Jesus assisting the people at the wedding in becoming intoxicated by creating wine from water?  How does the first miracle of Jesus very interestingly compare and contrast to the first miracle of Moses, turning water to blood?  How do the two "first" miracles point to the difference in "Law" and "Grace"?  How does the Lord's miracle serve as a prophetic illustration of JOY coming on "the third day"?  What is the symbolic significance of the six clay waterpots which were filled to the brim?  How is the Gospel portrayed in this first CREATIVE miracle of turning water into wine?   AN EXTREMELY EYE-OPENING LESSON EVEN FOR THOSE WHO ARE VERY FAMILIAR WITH THIS STORY!

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