Life of Christ Lesson 13: King’s First Six {Disciples}

March 14, 2020 @ 10:50 pm

Having discussed how Heaven's dove fell (Christ's baptism-lesson 11) and how Hell's devil failed (Christ's temptation-lesson 12), we turn in this lesson to a look at how Earth's disciples followed!  After having seen to it that His Son was publicly identified to Israel, which John the Baptist did when he identified Christ as "the Lamb of God" (John 1:29), God began to see to it that His Son was privately identified as Lord to individual Israelites.  The Baptist had the special privilege of identifying Jesus (John 1:36) to the first two of the Twelve disciples (Peter and John).  They, in turn, brought two more men who became disciples (their respective brothers, Andrew and James), and two others (Philip and Nathanael) followed shortly after.

Not only do we have fun discussing each of these six men in this lesson, but we also lean a lot about how to witness of Christ to people using different methods, including how to witness to a skeptic!  We take an interesting look into how the Lord first testified to the reality of Old Testament prophetic types (pictures) of Himself as He declared to Nathanael that He is the fulfillment of Jacob's ladder!  He is the ONE WAY into Heaven!  He IS "The Ladder Lord" (see Genesis Lesson 14 on this podcast). 

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