Life of Christ Lesson 12: King’s Confrontation with Satan {Temptation}

March 14, 2020 @ 10:49 pm

Whereas the baptism of Christ declared His royalty, the temptation of Christ demonstrated His royalty!  It was in a desolate and dangerous wilderness that Jesus first demonstrated His power over evil, for it was there He faced the full force of Satan's masterful deception and yet remained untainted from the battle!  By His victory over temptation (even in a weakened Human condition), He accredited Himself worthy to both redeem mankind as sinless Saviour and reign over the Kingdom His Father would give Him.  He also gave His followers (us) His example on how to be victorious over temptation!

We discuss an important distinction between the doctrine of peccability and the doctrine of impeccability in this lesson.  These doctrines address the question, "Could the Son of God be tempted as men are tempted and could He have sinned as men sin?  The doctrine of peccability declares He could have sinned, while the doctrine of impeccability says no, He could NOT have sinned.  Did you know a very extensive and heated controversy about this issue took place in Church history during the Middle Ages?  Yet, most people today have never heard of this debate, nor can they support which one of the two doctrines they believe!  LEARN about this issue and a lot more very rich information in this study!

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