Life of Christ Lesson 11: King’s Coronation for Service {Baptism}

March 14, 2020 @ 10:48 pm

This is the lesson in which we come to the event that launched the Lord's earthly ministry - His water baptism.  He was 30 years old.  He had supported His widowed mother as the son of His earthly, step-father until His brothers were able to assume responsibility and His sisters were likely married.  He was ready to fulfill His obligations to the whole world as the Son of His heavenly Father!  After thousands of years of anticipation, the Redeemer-King appeared before His faithful forerunner, John the Baptist, for His "coronation" or "commissioning" service.

Why did the Baptist protest baptising Jesus?  Why, in fact, did Jesus need to baptised at all?  Wasn't John's baptism a baptism of repentance and confession of sin?  Jesus was sinless!  Does this indicate a "consciousness of sin" on Jesus' part, as liberal theologians proclaim?

What are the various types of baptisms mentioned in Scripture?  You may be surpsied how many there are!  We discuss the one time in Scripture the Holy Spirit was represented as a dove, and what it signified.  We also discuss the first of three times in the New Testament God the Father spoke from Heaven His approval of His Beloved Son.  All three Members of the Trinity were involved in this important event!

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