Life of Christ Lesson 10a: The Generation of Vipers

March 14, 2020 @ 10:45 pm

Before getting into a discussion of the bold Baptist, we discuss the ones he confronted as being a bunch of "fruitless vipers".  We learn about the various religious and political sects of Israel at the time of Christ.  That may sound "boring" to some, but it is actually quite interesting, as well as needful to know because it helps us better understand their various interactions with Christ, with Rome, and with one another.  The two political sects were the Herodians and the Zealots (at least one of the Lord's Apostles was a former Zealot). 

We also discuss the three main religious sects: Sadducess, Pharisees, and Essenes.   This is not just about the past, for we have a world full of religious people just like them today!  A third collective group we look at in this study is the judicial "branch" of Jewish government (under Rome, of course), the powerful Sanhedrin Council

Just think of this fact:  if the Romans allowed the Sanhedrin to have jurisdiction over the death penalty, Jesus would not have been crucified.  He would have been stoned to death.  If that was the case, He would not have fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies and types about the manner of suffering and death the Messiah would face (being pierced; lifted up like the brazen serpent on the pole in the wilderness, etc.).  If Jesus did not fulfill even one Messianic prophecy dealing with His First Coming, He would have disqualified to be the Saviour of the world.  But, don't worry.  He fulfilled every one of them, literally - to the very jot and tittle.


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