Christ in Genesis Lesson 20: Life of Joseph {Forgetting and Fruitful Years} - Part IV

February 29, 2020 @ 2:19 pm

One day, in the divinely planned parallel to the marvelous true story of Joseph's emotional reunion with his brothers, there will be another scene like it - except infinitely more wonderful and emotional.  That coming scene will involve the Fulfiller of all Joseph typified, the spiritual Saviour of Israel and the world, the Source of the True Bread of Life; the One Who went the great distance to call His wandering brothers back to the Father!  Although despised, envied, mocked, sold for mere pieces of silver, stripped of His robe, and thrown into a pit of death by His own, the Lord Jesus (like Joseph) will reveal His identity at His Second Coming.  At last, Israel will repent, bow before Him, and there will be reconciliation and forgiveness between Christ and His brethren, the Jews!

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