Christ in Genesis Lesson 4: The Gospel Seed

February 29, 2020 @ 2:03 pm

God's first proclamation of the Gospel message is recorded in Genesis 3:15, called by theologians, "The Protoevangelium".  It is a foundational matter to understand this amazing prophecy about a coming Saviour Who would defeat Satan.  That Promised Victor would be born of a woman's "Seed," and since women do not have "seed," this was a long ago "clue" as to Christ's virgin conception! 

The two despondent Emmaus Road disciples were upset because the One in Whom they had placed their faith and hope was gone.  He had been horrifically crucified.  Their despair was their own fault for not having correctly understood "The Gospel Seed" message of Genesis 3:15.  They should have known the Messiah/Saviour would indeed first suffer Satan's crushing, but not permanently fatal, blow before coming into His glory! 

This is a critical message for Christians and for non-Christians!  Everything in Scripture stems from and circles back to the divine declaration of Genesis 3:15.


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