Christ in Genesis Lesson 3: Christ in Adam

February 29, 2020 @ 2:02 pm

Have you ever thought about the fact that although God created man sinless and innocent, he was not righteous?  That may sound strange, but think it through.  Righteousness is innocence maintained in the presence of temptation!  Adam failed to maintain his innocence in the face of indirect temptation (he was not directly tempted by Satan; Eve was Adam's temptation - Eve herself, not the fruit in her hand).  The Last Adam, the Lord Jesus, fully resisted all Satan's direct temptations. totally maintaining His sinlessness, even in a human body.  He proved His eternal, divine righteousness, as well.  Although that is a major difference between the two Adams, this lesson also presents some interesting ways in which Adam was a "type" of Christ.  There are many fascinating comparisons between the Edenic Tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the Calvary "Tree" (the cross) presented in this lesson, as well. 

This is a deep study, presented in clear, understandable terms.  It is foundational for a proper understanding of why God allowed evil into His perfect creation.  Knowing beginnings is vital to understand the present and to prepare rightly for the future.

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