Christ in Genesis Lesson 21: Life of Joseph {Forgetting and Fruitful Years} - Part V

February 29, 2020 @ 2:20 pm

This is one lesson you do not want to miss!  Joseph, in immense emotion, revealed himself to his brothers, and it is one of the most precious, kleenex-on-hand episodes in Scripture!  Not only is there the beautiful scene of Joseph's Christlike forgiveness of the very brothers who threw him in a pit after stripping him of his robe and selling him for pieces of silver (sound familiar), but there is the heart wrenching, tearful reuinion with his younger brother Benjamin and the even more emotional scene when he is reunited with his father Jacob (Israel), who thought his dearly beloved son was long dead!

This lesson includes the amazing death-bed prophecies Jacob proclaimed to his 12 sons, the most critical of which is the prophecy to Judah, for it concerned the coming Messiah, called "Shiloh" ("He to Whom the scepter belongs").  

Find out five ways in which Judah served as a type of Christ, and 9 more ways (a total of 82) Joseph was an extraordinary propetic-type of the Lord Jesus.

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