Christ in Genesis Lesson 10: Laughter At Last!

February 29, 2020 @ 2:09 pm

The title for this lesson comes from the Hebrew meaning of the name Isaac - "laughter".  It was a time of laughter when the "miracle boy" was conceived in the womb of a barren and post-menopausal woman.  His birth foreshadowed the even greater miracle conception of Christ (born of a virgin).  In this presentation, we discuss the life-transforming experience of Hagar (Egyptian handmaid of Sarah) when she met the pre-incarnate Christ at a wilderness well.   We also discuss the contextual circumstances of God's first use of His name, "El Shaddai".  Then, there is the young lad, Ishmael (son of Abraham's relationship with Hagar), who mocked and persecuted his younger half-brother Isaac.  What happened with him?  Why are Ishmael's descendents not included in the Abrahamic Covenant?  What does this mean about the land of Israel today and to whom it rightfully belongs (per God's decree)?

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