Revelation Lesson 22: The Church of Laodicea - Part I (What Christ thinks of Lukewarmness}

November 24, 2021 @ 11:00 am

The "Lukewarm" church - unfortunately, this is the church that represents where we are today!  In view of all the supposedly "scientific" (evolution), philosophic, and popular socially "progressive" trends of the last several centuries, a large segment of Protestantism thought it necessary to reinterpret the Gospel to "fit in" more appropriately with the modern world.  Thus, Liberal Protestantism developed in the late 1800's and is full-blown today.  We discuss how topics like belief in God's immanence, the "social gospel," Neo-Orthodoxy, pragmatism, mysticism, and modernism all "worked together" to produce apostacy in the final "stage" of Christendom.

It is interesting to discover how the First Century city of Laodicea got her water supply, which was through an elaborate aqueduct system that brought water from one of two sources: either the very cold water in Colossae (10 miles away) or the the hot springs of Hieropolis.  Either way, by the time the water reached Laodicea, it was neither cold nor hot; it was yucky lukewarm!  Thus, the church of Laodicea (which means "people rule") understood exactly what Christ meant when He accused her of being lukewarm, which caused Him to spue her out of His mouth!

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