Christ in Genesis Lesson 7: A Tyrant and A Tower

February 29, 2020 @ 2:06 pm

Babel was the first "global" attempt to elevate man to God's level by way of the religion of self-effort.  It was the first experiment of man to have a world government and a one-world religion.  Disobeying God's way of salvation, which was to believe on His Promised Saviour, the Seed of the woman of Genesis 3:15, the Tyrant Nimrod (a picture type of the future Antichrist) introduced the world to Cain's alternate "works' approach" to Heaven and even replaced God as the Object of worship and Source of salvation.  Babel was only the beginning of things men would try to do in their effort to replace God.  All false religions and cults find their origin in Babel, which is MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT of the end-times.

Where did the nations and languages of this world originate?  Although profoundly ridiculed by Bible critics for centuries, the truth of "The Table of Nations" in Genesis chapter 10 (the 70 nation groups which resulted from the divine dispersion of families from Babel) has been abundantly supported by findings in anthropology, archeology, and linguistic studies on the origins of languages.  You can trust Scripture 100%.  Good TRUE history lesson all young people should be taught!  They would have a much better understanding of life if they knew the early chapters of Genesis.  Amen.

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