Christ in Genesis Lesson 15: Jacob Gets Old Laban’s Goat

February 29, 2020 @ 2:14 pm

The humerous subtitle for this lesson is "Jacob Gets Old Laban's Goat," and when you read the end of Genesid 30, you will understan.  Jacob finally out-maneuvered his Uncle Laban, who had certainly tricked and deceived his double son-in-law (yes, I said that right) on numerous, far more serious matters (i.e. switching brides on him; wageless service for 14 years).  This lesson is about both the "wrestling match" between Jacob and Laban and the "wrestling match" between two sisters, Leah and Rachel (whose on-going competition for Jacob's attention finally ended on a good note). 

A very interesting truth to discover in this lesson is how the burdens, strivings, jealousies, desires, joys, and praises of Jacob's wives and concubines . . . expressed in the names they gave their sons . . .  "spell out" (in their Hebrew meanings) a prophetic message concerning God's plan of salvation through His Redeemer, Christ!  ONLY the all-knowing, all-powerful, infinitely wise Eternal God could reveal such a profound message 2,000 years before the Gospel was accomplished by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus!  Absolutely amazing.

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