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Christ in Genesis Lesson 17: The Life of Joseph {Toil and Affliction Years} - Part I

February 29, 2020 @ 2:16 pm

Joseph is the first God-chosen deliverer of His people (also Moses, Joshua, some judges and prophets) to serve as a prophetic type of the Great Deliverer, Jesus Christ.  Joseph's life pattern was that of Christ's: rejection before reigning; suffering before splendor; gloom before glory; humiliation before honor; the lowest pit before the highest pinnacle!  This is the first of 5 lessons on Joseph's dramatic life in which we discuss 82 ways He pictured Jesus!  Joseph just may become one of your favorite Bible characters after you hear these messages (if he isn't already)!

For one of the greatest Bible examples on FORGIVENESS (other than Christ), you must look closely at the life of the amazing Joseph.

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Christ in Genesis Lesson 18: Life of Joseph {Toil and Affliction Years} - Part II

February 29, 2020 @ 2:17 pm

This is the account of Joseph's years in Potiphar's house and, then, because of a false accusation by the flirtatious Mrs. Potiphar, his years in prison (and his acquaintance with a butler and baker).  For no fault of his own, Joseph lost everything he worked so hard to gain all those years by his conscientious stewardship, dedicated service, and loyalty to his boss, Potiphar. Yet, we never hear a word of complaint from his lips. The same is true of his time in prison, as well as his extended time in prison because the butler's apathy to remember him!

Unknown to Joseph, God's providential hand was working everything together for good for Joseph.  He was developing and maturing him for the very important task ahead when he would serve as the highest official in the land of Egypt under Pharaoh.  In that royal position, Joseph would be used of God to save his family and Egypt (picture of the world) from perishing by providing them with "the Bread of Life"!  Thirteen more (out of 82) ways Joseph pictured Jesus are presented!

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Christ in Genesis Lesson 19: The Life of Joseph {Forgetting and Fruitful Years} - Part III

February 29, 2020 @ 2:18 pm

The life of Joseph expands over 14 chapters of the first book of Scripture, which means God must have serious reasons for devoting so much space and detail to one man's life.  He does, and one reason is to highlight divine providence, which is abundantly manifested in Joseph's life, from beginning to end.  Another purpose is God's use of Joseph as a prophetic type of the Lord Jesus and His two advents.  Joseph's early years of "toil and affliction" picture the sufferings and rejection of Christ at His First Coming.  Joseph's later years of "forgetting and fruitfulness" (which we begin to look at in this lesson) picture the exaltation and glory of Christ at His Second Coming.

One thing we learn from Joseph (among so many) is that a key word for a believer in the midst of suffering is not escape, but endurance!  Timing is in the hands of Almighty God!  It was the Lord Who predetermined and orchestrated both the day Joseph's brothers cast him in a pit and the day the butler finally remembered him, and he went straight from the prison to the palace!  

Remember, joy cometh in the morning!

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Christ in Genesis Lesson 20: Life of Joseph {Forgetting and Fruitful Years} - Part IV

February 29, 2020 @ 2:19 pm

One day, in the divinely planned parallel to the marvelous true story of Joseph's emotional reunion with his brothers, there will be another scene like it - except infinitely more wonderful and emotional.  That coming scene will involve the Fulfiller of all Joseph typified, the spiritual Saviour of Israel and the world, the Source of the True Bread of Life; the One Who went the great distance to call His wandering brothers back to the Father!  Although despised, envied, mocked, sold for mere pieces of silver, stripped of His robe, and thrown into a pit of death by His own, the Lord Jesus (like Joseph) will reveal His identity at His Second Coming.  At last, Israel will repent, bow before Him, and there will be reconciliation and forgiveness between Christ and His brethren, the Jews!

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Christ in Genesis Lesson 21: Life of Joseph {Forgetting and Fruitful Years} - Part V

February 29, 2020 @ 2:20 pm

This is one lesson you do not want to miss!  Joseph, in immense emotion, revealed himself to his brothers, and it is one of the most precious, kleenex-on-hand episodes in Scripture!  Not only is there the beautiful scene of Joseph's Christlike forgiveness of the very brothers who threw him in a pit after stripping him of his robe and selling him for pieces of silver (sound familiar), but there is the heart wrenching, tearful reuinion with his younger brother Benjamin and the even more emotional scene when he is reunited with his father Jacob (Israel), who thought his dearly beloved son was long dead!

This lesson includes the amazing death-bed prophecies Jacob proclaimed to his 12 sons, the most critical of which is the prophecy to Judah, for it concerned the coming Messiah, called "Shiloh" ("He to Whom the scepter belongs").  

Find out five ways in which Judah served as a type of Christ, and 9 more ways (a total of 82) Joseph was an extraordinary propetic-type of the Lord Jesus.

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Acts Lesson 19: Stephen’s Message II {Jet-Tour of Life of Joseph}

May 26, 2020 @ 8:18 pm

In his purposely selective account of Jewish history (which kept the attention of the Council members, for they loved their own story), Stephen was making his defense against the accusations that he had blasphemed Moses, God, the Temple, and the Law.  In doing so, he was also (unknown to them, at first) building his case of indictment against his Jewish audience!  He was exposing their unjustified physical obsession with the land (Israel), the Law, and the Temple.  Rather than humbly acknowledging these were great privileges to be used wisely for God's glory in their witness of Him to the rest of the world, they proudly turned them into their false triune "god"!  They had come to view them as pillars of proof for their heavenly security!

The most important thing Stephen was accomplishing (yet unknown) in his powerful sermon was presenting the High Council of Israel with evidence for faith in Jesus!  He did this by using several key figures from Israel's history: Joseph and Moses.  In this lesson, which is Stephen's jet-tour account of the life of Joseph, the Council members heard for the first time the Biblical account of Joseph used as a graphic illustration of their own evil, envious betrayal and murder of Jesus!

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