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Revelation Lesson 26: The Throne and its Occupant

March 19, 2020 @ 3:27 pm

God's Heavenly Throne is the epicenter of the universe and Heaven.  It is the place of final and absolute authority.  it is the center of God's rule over all the activities of Heaven, earth, the universe, and Hell.  In this lesson, we see Heaven's throne through John's eyes as we consider: (1) the Royal One on the Throne, (2) The Rainbow about the Throne, (3) The Rumblings from the Throne, and (4) the Resplendence before the Throne.

Learn about the seven spirits of god, the sea of glass, the four living creatures, and so much more!  Exciting lesson!



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Revelation Lesson 34: Liberated {Demonic} Locusts

March 19, 2020 @ 3:35 pm

Revelation chapter 9 contains one of the most frightening and terrifying chapters in Scripture.  It describes two diabolic armies that will be divinely unleashed on the earth during the Tribulation.  This 7-year period of time (Daniel's 70th Week) is not only God-orchestrated to purge and prepare Israel to accept her true Messiah and to bring many Gentiles to saving faith, but to punish the ungodly - those who willfully refuse to repent and come to Christ.

The fifth trumpet judgment (which is also the first of three "Woe" judgments) brings about the dreadful army of demonic locusts that will be loosed from the bottomless pit.

There is a lot of discussion about fallen angels and confined fallen angels in this lesson.  There is also an interesting discussion on the identity of "Apollyon" (Greek) or "Abaddon" (Hebrew), the king of the demonic locust army.

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Revelation Lesson 35: The Bitter and the Sweet

March 19, 2020 @ 3:36 pm

In this lesson, we begin our look at the sixth trumpet judgment (the second of the three "Woe" judgments); when it is sounded, the evil army from the East that is mustered by four powerful, unleashed demonic forces will slay one-third of earth's population at that time (9:13-21). 

When we then come to chapter 10, the longest parenthetical break in the book, it begins with a Mighty Angel coming from Heaven to earth to not only declare something, but to direct John to do something, and it is from what he is told to do we get our title, "The Bitter and the Sweet".  We have a great discussion on the identity of the Mighty Angel.

Learn a lot more about fallen angels, like those currently bound in the Euphrates River!  Learn just how deep the depravity of the human heart and the stubbornness of the human will can be, for it will be fully revealed in the Great Tribulation!

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What the Bible Says About Angels

May 16, 2021 @ 10:00 am

Angelology - the study of angels!  This lesson contains a lot of information on angels.  There is so much disinformation about angels in the world - everything from thinking that "good" people become angels when they die (totally false) to worshipping angels!  When did God create the angelic host?  Did Lucifer fall before or after God's creation of man?  Are the total number of angels set forever or can they perish and/or reproduce?  When was the last time the Bible records angels singing (this is a question most people get wrong)?  Why is it so much better to be a fallen human being than a fallen angel?  Are there ranks among the angels?  What about spiritual warfare in the heavenlies?  How many archangels are there?  What is the difference between cherubim and seraphim?  Are there male and female angels?

A very fascinating study! 

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Jet Tour Through the Bible! “What on Earth is Going On?”

May 17, 2021 @ 10:30 am

This is a single, one-hour long message that takes the listener from Eternity Past to Eternity Future and God's whole plan for HIS-story and His redemption plan for the apex of His creation, mankind!  

It is a "Jet-tour" through the Bible!  Everybody on Planet Earth needs to understand the substance of this message, for it is the absolute truth about our existence and the meaning of life!

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Genesis Lesson 24: Antediluvian Degeneracy {Fallen Angels’ Impact on Pre-Flood World}

June 18, 2021 @ 11:00 am


THIS IS A VERY INTERESTING LESSON!!!  YOU WILL WANT TO LISTEN!  We discuss FALLEN ANGELS and their impact on the world of the pre-Flood days.

Sin grew rapidly more widespread and wicked as a proud and godless society developed from Cain's descendants.  In time, the degeneracy of Cain's descendants spread to the descendants of Adam and Eve's other children.  Finally, even Seth's lineage (with the exceptions in the Messianic lineage) allowed the great vileness of their inherited sin natures to rule their lives.

We discuss the very perplexing passage in the opening verses of Genesis chapter 6 about "the sons of God" seeing the fair "daughters of men" and "taking them wives of all which they chose" and how the result of that "union" was "mighty men which were of old, men of renown" and there is even the mention of "giants in the earth in those days".  What is this all about?  We discuss the three primary interpretations of the passage - and, believe me, it is fascinating!  


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